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    Everyday obstacles (time, motivation,
    willpower, etc.) keeping you from your
    fitness goals? Together, we will chip
    away until we sculpt the body
    and health YOU desire.


Chip Fitness services are based on strength training and sustainable nutrition habit coaching.
All clients receive individually designed plans to suit their goals and unique lifestyle to help them build new habits and achieve behavioural changes for long term health.

Personal Training

If you live in Delaware you can enjoy the benefits of in person support and private / semi-private personal training throughout your transformation journey.
Image of Jeff Johns training a client usin the TRX Bands.

Interactive Tracking

As a Chip Fitness client, you have access to a website / mobile app that tracks your progress so that you can see your results in real-time & stay motivated.
Image of Jeff Johns training a client and using the Tranerize fitness app.


In partnership with the facilities at RX Fitness, we build a custom plan to chip away at your goals.
Wanting to improve your strength or get your body into better shape are common goals. But that doesn’t make them easy to reach. Whether your goal is weight loss, peak athletic training, or endurance, the support you receive, in and outside of the gym, is what distinguishes Chip Fitness from other personal trainers. Our success is grounded in your goals.

No cookie cutter workouts here. Through our app, we’ll create a personalized fitness roadmap – a plan that targets your greatest health obstacles head-on so that you chip away at your progress with every session. No matter what you want to achieve, your program will be 100% personalized to you and your goals.

Though we are flexible with implementing multiple training philosophies, we find that a vast majority of clients benefit most from “progressive overload” which utilizes a gradual increase in volume, intensity, or time, in order to achieve targeted goals. In other words, with each session, we CHIP away at your goal.

personal trainer insurance
Personal Trainer Insurance Provided Through IDEA
Image of the inside of Rx Fitness Image of the equipment at Rx Fitness
Image of what it looks like inside Rx Fitness Image of different types of machines at Rx Fitness


While we offer large packages, we will never give you the “hard sell." Our goal is to earn your continued business with every session.
$ 50 /session

Type: semi-private personal sessions

Length: 1 hour

Days: Monday – Friday 7AM – 7PM; Saturday 7AM – 2PM

Location: Rx Fitness


$ 35 /session

Packages of 15 sessions or more
*Comes with interactive tracking app

Type: semi-private personal sessions

Length: 1 hour

Days: Monday – Friday 7AM – 7PM; Saturday 7AM – 2PM

Location: Rx Fitness

$ 30 /session

Packages of 100 sessions or more
*Comes with interactive tracking app

Type: semi-private personal sessions

Length: 1 hour

Days: Monday – Friday 7AM – 7PM; Saturday 7AM – 2PM

Location: Rx Fitness


Check some of our client’s reviews and testimonials

"Jeff has trained me for over three years now and he has truly changed my life. He sets and adapts programs so I’m able to get the best results possible. He makes sure I’m targeting the correct muscles during each exercise and not just going through the motions. Jeff tracks every exercise and workout so he can push me to increase my reps or weight when I can. Jeff has learned my personality and work ethic over the years and knows when he can push me to do more and understands if I say something is too much or needs to be scaled back. He truly cares for and wants to see his clients succeed and get the results they’re looking for."

Dana G.

"I starting working with Jeff when I had a bunch of goals and no idea what to do in gym. Jeff’s attention to detail and in-depth explanations make sure you always have good form as well as understand why your doing each exercise. By tracking each exercise Jeff makes it really easy to see your progress session to session."

Rob R.

"When Jeff became my trainer I didn’t know what I was in for honestly. What I got was a man who is incredibly knowledgeable and detail-oriented. Jeff isn’t interested in how to get you to buy more sessions with him but rather in your genuine progress not only with your physical health but also your mental and emotional wellness. Jeff takes the time necessary to know you and adapt his approach to what is effective for you. I started with a trainer and what I gained was an psychiatrist, motivator, personal consultant, and once in a lifetime friend."

Robbie J.

"Personal training should be personalized, and that’s how Jeff operates. My workout is only one part of a full program of healthy living. He's used many tools to contribute to my program, including fitness tracking methods, continuing education, and his extensive knowledge of the correct techniques to perform exercises. But most importantly, Jeff genuinely cares about me reaching my goals."

Matt C.

"Jeff Johns has been my personal trainer for 3.5+ years. I cannot say enough good things about Jeff the person & trainer. He is thorough, organized and plans his client workouts in advance making sure to cover individual strengths / weaknesses in order to benefit from the one-on-one personal instruction. Jeff explains WHY he has you do certain exercises & the derived benefit from doing them properly. He educates you to listen to your body, embrace the workout and the benefit gained. Jeff listens if / when you have a question or concern. He is supportive of his client(s) when he has them do something new – out of the box – and encourages you along the way to be successful. It is WORK, but the reward is so worth it. Jeff is top shelf in my book."

Barb D.

I have been a client of Jeff for several years now. He keeps our workouts interesting and he changes the workouts as needed to get the best results. Of all the personal trainers I have worked with I would place him at the top of the list and recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Tom R.


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